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Till Death Do Us Part

by Mortanius

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Tim McLelland
Tim McLelland thumbnail
Tim McLelland Quality across the board, which is why I have purchased all of their output thus far. Vocals are very unique, and the songs are very long ... which generally I do not like. However, these guys keep it interesting and I find myself coming back to them all the time. Heard about them via Parius, who posted one of their cover songs ... and those are all amazing as well. Excellent! Favorite track: Disengage.
Arctic Wizard
Arctic Wizard thumbnail
Arctic Wizard 10/10 would kill myself to be with dead wife again Favorite track: Till Death Do Us Part.
TZ thumbnail
TZ This satisfies the craving for neoclassical. Awe-inspiring vocals accompanied by thundering drums, empowering bass, exiting guitars with eerily atmospheric keys.
lordmordiggian thumbnail
lordmordiggian This album hearkens back to the golden era of neoclassical power metal with strong riff hooks and unforgettable vocal melodies while still being able to offer something new in the modern age. Even better, the singer is a member of the brotherhood over at US Power Metal Connection!
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I have got to find a way, To avoid my fate today. Turn my head from the things that are real, Can't deny all the pain that I feel. Never thought this could be my reality. All those ships have sailed away, (There's no time) Please give me one more day. Can't pretend everything is alright, When I've seen my mistakes in hindsight. One thing left to do, one thing left to say. *Chorus* I, I've got no one to blame But myself for the way that it ends, Something I must contend. Apathetic belief, was too blinded to see, That there's nowhere to run from the truth, Now the damage is done. Hope that someday you can understand, Never was good at being a man. My weakness exposed, My failure for all to see, Please forgive me for all I have done, Never meant to involve anyone. The tears of your pain, It drives me insane. *Chorus* Oh, what a mess I have made, A destiny which I fear everyday. Don't go, I can't make it through on my own. Together we can live for tomorrow.
Disengage 10:00
(The sun is setting now. Sky burning red, a flame extinguished. Light recedes, night's veil enclosing. Slumber takes hold, I close my eyes and drift away.) All alone in my head, Where I fear to tread. Pale reflections of my life viewed within a dream. Million faces unknown, In the crowd I'm alone. Don't belong here, A stranger in the mirror. *Pre-chorus* (Eyes deceive me) Shrouded in a haze, (Reality) Never seemed real to me. (Disconnect, my affect) Near realization, (Existence in question) Can't recognize myself. *Chorus* Disengage from this body, trapped in a cage. From this face I dissociate, I dissipate, A fracture ego. Absentee, isn't this how its meant to be? Isn't this how its always been? An empty scene, and me, Watching shadows passing by. Moving away, getting further distant, Am I just an observer here? Can't feel. (Senses are clouding, Dreamlike surrounding. No contact is to be found) From the outside looking in. *Chorus* As I rise from my sleep, feelings I still keep. No escaping the stranger in the mirror. *Pre-chorus* Everything falling down. *Chorus* x 2
On and on I seem to wander, Down this road I've tread many times before. No longer can recall the reason why I'm here, Purpose unclear. Memories blur, one like another, Losing count of all the years left behind. Everything's turned to grey, the light has go away, Joy in decay. Long ago, there was a time this wasn't so. Dreams, they were so real, Sensations you could feel. Innocence, each day a new experience, Open eyes and endless skies. But the cold advance of time, Tarnishes the brightest jewel. When the rush is gone, The same old song is sung over and over again. *Chorus* Why, the fire has died, Passion crucified, Not a spark can ignite, To this cynical view, Captivated, now worn and jaded. Oh, the flowers, they fade, What has cast this shade? All the colors unmade, So the winds of time blow, Plans created are devastated. Grass beneath my fingers. A fragrant breeze, A distant dream, Enshrined in my memory. Those day I can't recreate, only consecrate. Its always been too late. The hole that is left inside, Nothing can refill. Not a drug or thrill, Poor replacements for what never will, Be captured again. (Repetition, days on end, Time is passing, wearing thin. All excitement wither, wanes, As everything becomes mundane. Foolish young naivety, Hopes and dreams are lead astray. Disenchanted, spent and warn, A jaded mind, weary of life.) *Chorus* Oh, they're dying, The flowers fade and all the colors unmade.
In bed she lies, unopened eyes, dying. Her hand in my, flesh growing colder. A darkened room. outside, the moon, Watching. The hourglass counts down, time ending. Suddenly her hands unfold, Pulse no more, letting go. Tears of mine fall to her cheek. She does not stir, no more words. Never knew the day would come when I would say Farewell to you, my love, a last goodbye, in sorrow. It is not a bed, but in a box you lie. It can't be over now, forever. Down, down, into the ground. Under, the rose is no more. (Countless years gone, yet I cannot forsake you, Memories of our love, a temple decayed. Minutes to hours, hours to years. Seasons they change, yet wounds remain.) Lonely night, A broken man, a bottle, On the floor. Delirium, desperation from a longing for what was lost long ago. Right before my eyes, Is it she, an illusion? Beckoning. "My baby, I am waiting for thee. Awaiting where you left me." So, out I go, into the dark, moon aglow, I ride. Your voice, my guide. Leading me to your tomb. *Chorus* (Spirits guiding me on my way) Reuniting our souls once again. (Nothing ever may come between) Nor the boundaries of mortality. In the night, dancing in delight, a vision of an angel from the mist, in my sights. Through the gates, my final destination: The cemetery. Stumbling through the tombs and the headstones, I am almost there. Now I see it, your grave, Familiar space, Not much longer now. Everyday, a rose I have lain upon this sacred place. Time to exhume your earthen tomb, Digging. My spade in hand, The rain's beginning. Beneath she sleeps, Buried so deep, waiting. Again, the moon above is watching. Finally her tomb exposed, An open hole, a sobered soul. Empty shell in from of me, a corpse I see, remains of she. What'd I hope to find in this heartbreaking place? A corpse decayed, the shell you left behind, departed. My must I remain while you have gone away? I cannot find you, what can I do? Oh yes... That's my purpose. Shining... The blade in my hand. Tracing the line, caress the vein with the knife, Its time. Ive made my mind, Whole we shall be again. *Chorus* As the blade passes through the vein, A warm red river flowing down my arm, Let it drain. *Chorus* Cold embrace, then I see your face. We're walking hand in hand now as you take me away. Morning came, silence from the rain. A coffin built for one now houses two. Till death do us part.


Debut full length album. Featuring guest appearances by Leo Figaro (Dragon Guardian, MinstreliX) and Jonas Heidgert (Dragonland), and a cover of Wham!'s "Last Christmas".

The album features a mixture of progressive and power metal. The songs all have melodic vocals that sing catchy lines. Choirs and harmonized vocals are featured heavily. Lead guitars shred fast and are harmonized beautifully with each other, and the rhythm guitars are tight and intricate. Keyboards play an integral part to the sound of the album, providing atmospheric flavour and sometimes carrying the main melodies.

Physical CD version can also be ordered from: shop.rockshots.eu/en/home/1126-mortanius-till-death-do-us-part.html


released February 22, 2019

Lead and backing vocals - Lucas Flocco
Bass: Jesse Shaw

Additional musicians:
Lead guitars: Ollie Bernstein
Rhythm guitars: AJ Larsen
Additional lead vocals: Leo Figaro (track 1), Jonas Heidgert (track 3)

Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Jim Jenca at Pulse Audio, Bristol, Pennsylvania, USA, from 2017-2018.

Cover art by Jota Cravo - www.facebook.com/jotaacravo/
Photography by Bella Loughery


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Mortanius Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

If Dracula formed a progressive power metal band...

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