The Wave (Single)

by Mortanius

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[Eric Giannone recorded bass on this track]


Phantoms emerging
Warped faces beckon, yearning
Billowing out forth
An undulating sigh

[Verse 1]
Ill-boding, ominous
Livid encroachment
The vanished voices call,
Raised fingers pointing
Longing for thine belief
Or forgotten dream
Accusing spectral plea
Calling nihility

Glaring eyes so cold and forlorn
Shrouds of wistful grief and mourning
Flowing phantasmic doldrums
Enveloped in coiling mantle
Wraiths and masks of yearning, morose
Petrified in languish, longing
Apparitions pouring forth as
Writhing fingers, stretching, call for thee

Spirits take form
Wave-like shade
Bursting legion
Spectral embrace
Grieving ocean

[Verse 2]
Incorporeal scream
Unveiling vision
Of visage gushing through
Spiritual gesture
Uprising woeful surge
Revenant weeping
Lamenting illusion
A stream of ghostly dream




[Chorus x 2]

[Chorus x 2 with backing vocals]


released March 31, 2014
Recorded with Apsis Recording



all rights reserved


Mortanius Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

If Dracula formed a progressive metal band...

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